As part of the plenary sessions, we will be hosting a coronavirus-themed panel title AI in the Time of Coronavirus and moderated by Robert Moskovitch. The panel includes leading clinical and research experts applying their expertise to address the coronavirus pandemic. Panelists will share their experiences solving research and clinical problems to help combat the virus that has changed how we live our lives. We will ask questions of AI's role in accelerating development of tests, vaccines, treatments, and its impact on patient care. The panelists are an international group of experts across fields of AI:

  • Dr. David Buckeridge, McGill University, Canada
  • Dr. Mengchun Gong, Digital China Health Technology, China
  • Dr. Laurence Lovat, University College London Hospitals, UK
  • Dr. Orly Weinstein, Clalit Healthcare Services, Israel
  • Dr. Glenn Kramer, xCures, USA

The panel will be held Friday August 28th at 09:00 CDT. Access to the panel is included with conference registration. If you have any questions, please contact the organizers: